Saturday, July 2, 2011

Checkin Off the List

We went out yesterday to run some errands and my poor Clover got a heat rash.  So today we thought we got out early enough to beat the heat.  No luck.  Still hot.  Clover's heat rash returned.  So for the rest of the day we have been held up inside.  So what to do for the rest of the day?  We got in the kitchen and made a double batch of some Kool-Aid Playdough.  So we can scratch that off of the Summer List.  

Mix together dry ingredients.
(It is helpful if you have a Red Head Cutie helping you)

Add Kool-Aid (we used lemon lime) to the water and add.

Cook on medium heat until mostly cooked.

When cooled to the touch, knead until smooth.
(Thanks to the Hubs who brought me a treat) 

Thanks to Tee who took pictures of us kneading and playing.

Then we hung out outside while the boys worked on some outdoors projects.  While outside I started the grill up to make grilled pizzas and once again managed to catch the grill on fire.  Yes they are supposed to be on fire...but when you turn off the gas there shouldn't still be a flame gently kissing the trees above.  It has managed to catch on fire at least once a year.  To the point where baking soda is in the cupboard is not for baking.  So with the grill cleaned off it was time to make dinner.  We had grilled pizza made with home made pizza dough from a totally awesome recipe here.  

Nice way to kick off the three day weekend.  Minus the heat rash issues and the grill catching on fire.    


  1. again???
    this applies to both the heat rash and grill

  2. It's just not summer until I kill the microwave and set the grill on fire!

  3. We've been keeping Addie in too. We check the Air Quality daily to see if it's a day we could go out. Amazing but it really does affect them...and us I guess we were out yesterday and today I'm feeling it. Quality is supposed to be bad again today so not sure what I'm going to do with her, a few errands to run and Bible Study but that will probably sum up our day. Looks like you guys had a good time making play dough, I need to do it again with Addie...maybe this time we will have better luck and she won't eat it. Oh and speaking of setting things on fire...I did last night popcorn bag was faulty and the entire house was filled with smoke!

  4. I gave up on the microwave...and I don't see how it's my fault if it catches on fire and I was the one who turned it on. I didnt do anything to it to catch how is it my fault? lol

    It took Clover a lil while to stop eating it. I love making it tho.