Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For the Haters

At this very moment I have two completely different thoughts bubbling around in my noggin.  Both however fit under the blog title.  Both of them are relevant in my day today.  In no particular order...

Thought number one.  For the haters of the "New Marina"...Grow up, it's a kids show.  For those who have no idea of what I am talking about I will throw in some background info.  We watch The Fresh Beat Band around here.  Clover has been watching it since it debuted.  My darling Clover is a natural drummer so she LOVES the show.  For those who have no idea who the Fresh Beats are, here is the link to Nick Jr. They have made some cast changes in the show recently which has apparently sent some parents into a tissy.  These parents feel the need to hop online and spew this nastiness out into the interwebs.  I get the whole voice your opinion thing.  I really do.  Hellllooo I blog, so I get it.  But it just seems a little mean spirited to hop online and bash someone you don't know because they replaced your favorite character.  First Reed and now Marina.

My opinion on how they switched Reed.  The actor who played Reed had went back to his country and did not return.  I can see how that could be a problem for a blossoming show since he was one of the main reoccurring characters.  Even if they couldn't have filmed him out of the show they could have called the new guy Jr. and had him take over the music store and I would have been just as happy.  But that is the adult in me who watches TV and likes a smooth plot line.  This however is not adult TV.  It's a poppy, bright kid's show.  One of which my daughter adores.

On Marina.  Yes it would have made more sense to me to have her film a final episode and introduce the new girl as a sister or cousin.  But then again that is the adult in me.  I gave it three episodes and figured out that I actually love Tara Perry as Marina.  I loved Shayna Rose too.  I think it's sad that people feel the need to bash on her from things ranging from "She's to old" (for the record she is two years younger than Rose) to "She can't play the drums".  What you are experiencing is grief and anger because you think Nick Jr tried to pull a fast one over on you.  Get over it.  Both my daughter and I were able to quickly move on.  At three years old she realized that they changed Marinas.  She assigned the "old" Marina and the "new" Marina and was able to move on with her life even with the change.  From a kids perspective, the show is still fun.  It has catchy music that I find myself singing through out the day and wondering where I heard it.  Then I remember where it's from and I have an "Are you serious?" moment to myself.  They also have a #1 download on Itunes right now.  Crazy huh?      

Thought number two.  For all the haters that said that I couldn't live without a microwave...hahaha.  Last month I managed to somehow kill ours again.  Yes I just used the word "again".  Which would imply that I have killed more than one.  The last time I bought a "back to school" microwave.  It lasted under a year.  So that means in a year period I managed to kill two microwaves.  I did use it a lot.  I made oatmeal in the mornings, defrosted meat,  micronuked veggies, and a slew of other things.  Bacon was my favorite since it only took a few minutes.  The side of it started smelling and sparking one day and that was it.  Bye Bye microwave.  I got a lot of flack about how the last time I ran back out and bought one.  Convinced I couldn't live without it.  What a difference time makes because this time I was pissed.  So I decided NO MICROWAVE.  It went out and has not been replaced.  I heard about how it wont be long until it gets replaced.  The spot on the counter is still empty.  Guess what?  I'm still alive.  Turns out that you can use the stove or a toaster oven for almost everything, minus the microwave popcorn I had already bought.  I have decided just to take it with us when we travel since a lot of the rooms we stay in have microwaves.  Today I reheated some leftover favorite cheese pizza in toaster oven and it came out fantastic!  Then I just sat there and thought...for all the haters...ha ha ha!

Today has been pretty mellow.  It's given me lots of time to think so maybe that's where all my random thoughts came from today.

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  1. ...blue's clues did it right when they introduced joe, as steve's brother...not steve jr...but why 2 guys lived with a talking dog and had no human contact is beyond my adult mind...you need to teach pat how to make popcorn on the stove...