Monday, July 25, 2011

The House of Mouse

I think that July's Reverb post fits in nicely with this blog post.

What new thing will you try this month?

I struggled with this one.  Other than recipes, I couldn't think of anything.  Writing about recipes just seemed to be a little boring to me.  That, and I already write and share new recipes so how would that be different from my other jibber jabber?

So, since we just got back from a quick (2 days in the park) vacation at Disneyland, I have some new stuff to write about.

I not only tried some new places to eat while at the parks but I also got on some new rides.  I'm not usually a Disneyland in Summer kind of a gal.  It's too hot for me!  I know it wasn't THAT hot but all that walking and sun and I got a little warm.  My powder sunscreen was no match for the sweat.  Between sweating and wiping my forehead I got a mild sunburn on my forehead and nose.  I was disappointed to say the least because that meant that for day number two I had to wear good ol fashioned cream sunscreen.  I knew I HAD too or risk an even worse burn.  But I didn't like it.  I already acknowledge that I am weird with sunscreen.  I don't like that it sits on top of your skin and doesn't rub all the way in like regular lotion does. I can't stand the sticky feeling on my skin.  Which is why I am so partial to the powder.  I wig out when I have to put regular sunscreen on.  I don't even know why but it gives me the heeby geebies.

We had originally planned to go in May.  I was really excited but due to the untimely passing of my Mother in Law, we rescheduled.  Then due to a scheduling conflict with Hubby's work, it once again got put off.  Which actually worked out in our favor because we all got the stomach flu that week.  So maybe I was itching a little to go.  So when were invited to go with some friends celebrating an anniversary, I jumped.  I wanted to go so much that I broke my "I'm not going back in the Summer ever again" rule.  We would also be going with Clover's best buds so I caved on the Summer thing.  We totally had a blast hanging out.  It was a great vacation.  Clover and I also got to do a lot of new things on the trip.

We have our favorites...

We did the early morning entry and got into Fantasyland an hour early.  Being able to get on the more kid friendly rides with little or no wait is awesome.  It's worth getting up early for.  The look on Clover's face when we asked to stay on the horses for another go around was priceless.  She was all about it.  Hubby decided to stay in the room and sleep in.  I don't blame him for wanting to rest and have a quiet room.  I have come to realize that my husband's Disneyland speed is not my own.  I'm a little faster than my husband and a little slower than SuperNova.  I am a medium.

We tried a character meal which we had never done before.  I was a little hesitant.  I have never really had very much luck with park food.  If it wasn't for the gentle nudge from our friends, I would have missed out.    I was sooo pleasantly surprised.  My tri tip lunch was totally awesome not to mention the desserts.  The break and hanging out with everyone gave me some much needed energy for the rest of the day.  Meeting the princesses was fun too, I don't mind getting silly.  I kind of felt bad since Clover only knew a couple of them.  Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are a little scary to me so we haven't really watched them yet.  She did see Snow White on the "Princess Bedtime Story" channel, so she recognized her.  

Having all these new experiences have opened my eyes a bit.  I guess I get focused on my favorites that I don't look outside my tunneled view.  I think I will have to expand a little bit more the next time we go back to see what I am still missing.  For the sake of this being a mile long, I tried to focus on the new things we tried.  I will throw and ellipsis in here and work on my other thoughts in another post.  I will write later about how much I love people watching at Disneyland...     

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