Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Juju Doesn't Schmooze

I've never been the one for small talk.  I feel awkward and at a loss for what to say.  I've never been very good at schmoozing it up.  Hubby however is fantastic at it.  He is the extrovert in this family dynamic.  I am the listener.  Thankfully our daughter got it from him.  

I never feel like I am missing out.  I just feel like I enjoy get togethers as a observationist rather than a participant.  Unless alcohol is involved then I get a little chatty.

This however, does not apply for my own get togethers or with people I know.  Once I get comfortable in a friendship I can chat your ear off!

I'm not sure how other people take it.  I'm not sure if they see me being antisocial or rude?  I hope not.  I do participate in conversations, I just don't say a whole lot.  I hope that it doesn't make me look disinterested.  I guess I have always been like that.  I would rather hang back and watch then blurt out my whole life story.

Maybe I could add it to the ever growing list of things to do to better myself.  "Learn the fine art of schmoozing".  I would place it right under "Perfecting the use of the hair straightener" and "learning how to be more girlie".  Wonder if there are classes for any of that?


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