Monday, July 18, 2011

Lessons of the Day

Lesson's of the Day.  Volume 1

Lesson #1:  Remember...REMEMBER where you put your car keys.  This morning while switching out the car seat, I placed mine on top of Hubby's car.  He was walking out to go to work and I was worrying about being out front in leggings and the horror of one of the neighbors seeing me.  I completely forgot I had placed them on the roof.  Side note:  Leggings don't have pockets.  This never would have happened had I been wearing jeans, I'm just sayin.  About a half an hour later I get a very perturbed Hubby on the phone.  At first I didn't understand why he was so upset and just assumed he was stuck in traffic and needed to vent.  Then the word "keys" came into play and my heart sunk because in that moment I remembered where my keys were.  A good samaritan waved him down and let him know that he was flying a key kite off the trunk of his car.  They had gotten wedged in between the windshield and the trunk.  So he called and told me to wait out front since he was bringing me my keys back.  Which then leads to

Lesson #2:  If you are worried about the neighbors seeing you in your leggings then you should just change.  I should have!  Because although I got lucky minutes prior, I was not fortunate the second time around.  My neighbor across the street got a good o view of my morning hair and pajamas.  Ahhhh suburbia.

 Lesson #3:  Although that kickin Mexican place you used to eat at when you worked at had great take out...that doesn't mean that their dine in service will be kickin as well.  Because it was not.  I thought it would be a good treat after visiting with a friend to take Clover out to lunch just the two of us.  Something that usually only gets reserved for when we are traveling.  So after himming and hawing over what we felt like eating we settled on this mexican place I used to get take out from on my lunch break.  I really wanted a King Nachos.  The problem with that was that we ONLY ordered the nachos and it took them an hour.  Meanwhile I had to entertain a three year old by myself.  I was a little grumpy at the lack of service so I will more than likely not bother to go there again.  Time to find a new nacho place.  Clover on the other hand did great.

Lesson #4:  Even if it sounds good at the time, set the massage chair on medium.  Hard will come back to haunt you the next day.  It felt good at the time to essentially have the rollers beat the heck out of my back yesterday.  This morning, I placed my hand on my back today and felt pain.  Not so good.  Is it even possible to bruise back fat?

Lesson #5:  Open Communication!  It is important to keep the lines of communication in your relationships open and clear.  Since I have been having problems in this category I am convinced I need to carry around a tape recorder and start recording conversations or politely asking the people in my life to send me that in email so that I have a paper trail.  For two weeks, I was under the assumption that I was in charge of dessert.  Tonight Hubby asks me why I am stressing over the cheesecake when I am supposed to be making rolls?  ROLLS?  Not once in this two weeks as rolls been mentioned.  Dessert has been thrown around several times.  Never the word rolls.  So I am making the cheesecake anyways.  It has been my experience that cheesecakes (even if they are bad) never make it to the leftovers plate.  It's like coffee...even if it's bad someone will still consume it.  Which leads to our last lesson...

Lesson #6:  Wash your hands after finishing anything involving melted chocolate.  I guarantee you that you will have that split second mental question while looking at the brown spots on your hands.  Especially if you have kids.  Even if they are in bed while you melted the will still have the "Is that Poo?" moment in your life.  The sniff test is always handy but I do not recommend the lick test unless you are absolutely sure that it is chocolate.  For all those who were was chocolate.  I sniffed first.

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