Wednesday, July 13, 2011

T Minus Twenty Minutes.

Clover is settled into her pre-bed ritual.  She has an episode of Fresh Beats on so I have twenty three minutes to kick out a blog post.  It seriously does not seem like it is enough time considering we got a lot accomplished today.

Starting off the day, I logged in and noticed all the chatter on Facebook about making Gummies.  I was curious.  I have only dabbled in candy making myself.  Usually around Christmas time.  So I reached out to my online bff (google) to see if they had any answers for me.  Turns out that it's actually kind of easy.  Or at least this recipe is.  I made a double batch of the recipe over at Skip to My Lou.

Two ingredients and water.

A baby shower mold, an ice tray from Ikea and some Christmas Jello molds that I had in the cupboard. 


Try to accomplish anything with a 3 year old under you sticking her fingers in everything.  Note to self:  buy her a hairnet!

They were very tasty!  Baby shower gummies.

I think these were my favorite of the batch.  From the Ikea ice tray.  Lightly dusted with cornstarch so they wont stick together.

So while on a roll with my creative crafty self, I decided to work on some ribbon dolls hair clips.  I followed the tutorial over at Life on the Ridge and made a Tinkerbell and and Ariel

Clover was not all that enthused about me taking a picture of HER Tinkerbell.  I had to bribe her with a fudge bar (which I was already going to give to her but she doesn't have to know that).  I also had to take about thirty pics to get a half decent one.  

This one I took in my hair.  I didn't notice the tiny glue spot on the tail until I looked at the picture later.  But in all honesty I am to lazy to take another picture and upload it.  

Rounding out the night I made Chili for dinner and Cornbread using this recipe from Epicurious.  I made a double batch of this recipe too.  Clover and Hubs will eat on it for awhile.  Turns out my mom didn't want any because I put real corn in the cornbread.  I always thought it made it taste better.  

Well, there is my twenty three minutes my dears.  I still have to get dinner put away and hop in Clover's room for some stories and bedtime.  Looks like I managed to get everything in there with minimal run on sentences.   Yay.  Go me!

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