Friday, July 27, 2012

The All Day Princess Party

Yesterday Hubby had to take an overnight trip for work.  We had gotten used to these and then we had a small break and for a brief time having him home was normal.  So having to pack a bag for him was harder than I anticipated.  Since it was going to just me and Clover, I wanted to do something fun.  I didn't have anything in mind so we just kind of went where the day took us.

Halfway through the day I figured out that we are still in the Princess Phase.

We had a picnic in the living room and watched the Princess and the Frog.

Then after some chill time I wanted to be somewhat productive.  I had decided that it was finally time to put up the decals I bought before Christmas.  This meant that the Care Bears had to come down.  I mentally prepared myself.  These where searched for and then lovingly put up in the Care Bear Nursery.  Even though her crib has been long gone the bears were still watching over her.  Until yesterday, when I took them down.  I'm really surprised that I didn't cry.  I don't think I could have shed a tear with Clover being so excited that she was going to be able to put up Princesses in her room.  She got to pick where everything went in her room and even got to apply some herself.

The castle is 42x32 so it takes up a good chunk of her wall

The fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are above her bed watching over her.

I also took a few minutes to do some stash busting and up cycle a broken crown into a bed decoration/canopy/drape thing.

I attached some wire to the plastic crown, added some tulle and hung it from the ceiling.

I had some tulle that I had planned into making into a tutu for the dance recital and ended up not using it, so it got incorporated into the princess room.  I did have a moment where I stressed out that she might have gotten tangled in the tulle and pull it down.  So after some brainstorming I tried something that worked out pretty well.

I attached some sticky velcro to the side of her bed and then pushed the tulle into it.  You can't see it just looking at it since it's on the side of the bed.  Nice and secure.

The only thing I got to put up was Snow White.  I put her on the dress up cabinet since the Snow White was one of the first costumes we got from a friend of mine.  It was one of the first that started it all.  The decals along with the canvases I made make it very princessy.  The blue walls balance out all the pink things in the room.  In the beginning I thought I might have opposed the Princess Phase but I have embraced it.  At this point I feel like I am encouraging one of her interests.  Just like I would encourage anything she was interested in.  Right now she is interested in dressing up and stories.  I never felt I had to defend myself until someone asked me if I was worried that I was brainwashing her and that she was going to grow up with a Princess Complex.  So the answer to that is nope.  I'm not worried.  Right next to her gowns are other dress up clothes like a ninja costume or a doctors outfit.  She loves Princesses but also adores big robots that change into cars so I'm not really concerned about it.

After working on the room we looked through her cookbook and picked a recipe.  The Magic Wands.  We didn't have any refrigerated dough so we had to find a sugar cookie recipe.  I'm not really good with the rolling out and all that.  Sugar cookies are not my go to recipe for cookies.  They always seem to be lacking something I just can't make out so we rarely make them.  I did find a recipe that claimed that it was the "World's best Sugar Cookies".  They were really yummy and easy.  The frosting was also really yummy and doesn't require an egg like royal icing does.  This may be my new Christmas cookie recipe.  

Rolling out the dough while listening to the Tangled soundtrack.

I think the hardest part about baking with my child is that I have to sometimes give up control and let it just be about the process.  This part is hard for me when I want the cookies to come out perfect.  We rolled the first batch together and then I let her roll the second by herself.  We forgot to put the pretzels in to make them wands so instead we had stars.

Frosting the cookies.

How pretty!  

I want to say that Clover did a really good frosting since she is four but after two she got tired.  So I finished them.  Not a really good job for an adult but like I said sugar cookies are not my strong points.

We finished off the night with some Princess stories while in our Princess jammies.  Not a bad way to end our all day Princess Party.


  1. I love it! Your such a good mom!!! I wish I was half as creative or could just push myself to do half of what you do with Chloe.

  2. Thank You for the compliment. I have days where I don't feel like I do enough but we try. I don't know what you are talking about though, you guys are always busy!

  3. We keep busy going... I don't stop nearly enough to do stuff with them.