Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Emotional Development

This last week was a bit rough.  It seems as if my darling Clover is going though another emotional growth spirt.  They are like physical growth spirts except by the end of them I feel like taking a nap because I am so drained from dealing with the meltdown.  Normally I can pinpoint what caused the meltdown and we talk about it once she has calmed down.  I want her to be able to express her feelings.  We usually experience a meltdown once or twice a week.  Last week they occurred every single day.  

It started last monday and went for about a week straight.  If these where physical growth spirts there would be naps and lots of eating and then I would have to buy her new clothes because somehow in a week she managed to outgrow everything.  But these are emotional growth spirts.  They are raw and gnarly.  Sometimes there are battles and even though I don't want to, I have to stand my ground.  It's not the pretty side of parenting, but it is still a part of it.  After this week I have started to approach every meltdown as an learning experience.  Not only for her but for me as well.

It was a long week.  So when a friend offered to take us shopping it was a much needed distraction and I could use some adult interaction.  After three stores and one potty break I bought one thing, and it was a toy.

I picked up the box and read the side.  Clover grabbed it and declared "Mom, I NEED this!  I need it to help me communicate my feelings".  Which she had heard me say from reading the box.  For some reason she was all about this doll and she wanted it.  It was a Kimochi Cat.  It's an orange cat with a pouch in the front that holds little stuffed "feelings".  She carried it around the store and wouldn't set it down.  I rationalized that it was semi educational and I caved.

She played with it and we talked about her feelings.

About two days later I pulled out the little booklet that it came with describing the cat.  My jaw dropped and I laughed so hard.

Kimochi Cat knows what he/she wants, when he/she wants it and why. He/she can be very persuasive and somewhat bossy. Occasionally his/her bossiness leads to confrontation or "cat fights"! She/he comes with a set of his/her own replaceable bandages to heal physical and emotional wounds (i.e. "hurt feelings"). 

When the Kimochis need a leader, they can always count on Cat. Cat lives in a Cherry Blossom Tree and likes to keep his/her house tidy. He/She loves to host tea parties.
Cat's favourite number is 10 and favourite colour is purple. He/she loves to snack on toasted almond cookies and warm milk.
Cat is full of surprises and can sometimes be a little prickly on the outside but on the inside she has a very soft center. 

If you are wondering what I was laughing so hard about just replace the word "Cat" with "Clover" and you have a very accurate description of my daughter.    


  1. So how has the cat been working out this week???

  2. I think she just likes having a cat with a pouch in it.