Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laid Up


See that ^?  That is the text equivalent to utter frustration.  The last few weeks I have been making progress.  I was sure I would be paying for it physically at some point or another.  I started work on the entry way and painted a bit.  I was a little sore but nothing major.  I've been Walking it out on the Wii with some mild discomfort but nothing more.  I've even lost a few pounds.  Life was good and I was feeling somewhat normal.  As close to normal that I can possible get at this point.  I won't lie it felt good.

And then I walked into a bench.  I totally and completely forgot it was there and walked my left leg right into it.  Then I tensed up.  The first thing I worried about was my neck.  Because of the Chiari, my neck is on the sensitive side.  I gave it two hours and thought I was fine.  I was pretty happy that I wasn't as fragile as I thought I was.  Only to wake up in the morning in pain.  The pain was what woke me up.  My neck and my shoulders were killing me.  I conceded to my body and spend the day on the couch.  Clover was really good while I rested.

Today there is some improvement but I am still pretty sore.  I just feel frustrated because a bench took me out.  I will have to wait a few days before normal activities can resume and a few more after that to resume extra activities.  For now all I can do is listen to my body and not push myself.  As much as I want to get back to normal.  Whatever normal is.    


  1. It's the only body you are going to get! Take the opportunity to relax. If I have learned anything lately, sometimes taking pressure off yourself for a bit is the key to success. I know it's frustrating- *hugs*

  2. Boo! You know if you need any help to always always call me! I'm there!

  3. I listened to myself and rested. It was NOT easy but I am feeling a bit better. :)