Friday, July 13, 2012

Time For Some Indoor Activities

A couple of weeks ago I posted our Super Funtastic Summer List.  I included some stay at home activities for the days that it got really hot and because our travel options are limited these days so I needed some indoor activities.  We had Kool-aid Playdough on the list last year for the same reason.  

The last couple of days we have been out working on and playing with our Super sprinkler.  And then the triple digits hit here.  Usually we are well into our very hot summer.  We've grown up here so we are used to it.  But lately Mother Nature had lulled us into a false sense of security.  No triple digits.  She tricked us.  While I was reading about the heat wave that has been hitting everywhere I thought it was weird that our hometown was hospitable.  Everything is back to normal and the heat is here.  So we have been mostly indoors.  Yesterday we decided to make play dough which we haven't done in a long time.

The Transformers molds that she got for Easter came out.
You know you are jealous of my ability to squish play dough into plastic molds!  

Helping me knead the dough.

We've got some more indoor crafts for today.  I scored some big pearler beads.  The ones you put on the pegs and iron.  I didn't know they made them in a larger size so we are going to work on some fine motor skills and play with those today.  On top of that a very nice lady in line gave me her 40% off coupon while we were in line so I saved a bunch too!   


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  1. Those beads are a fave with my kindies. Clover is going to love them!