Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Sprinkler

Pvc Pipe

It started with this idea from Family Fun Magazine, some stuff from the hardware store and a warm evening.

We took the idea and turned it into our own mini splash zone.  We talked about our design and went to the hardware store with a rough idea of what we wanted.  Then we spread out on the lawn and got to work.

We bought some precut PVC pipe at $1.24 a piece.  If you cut your own this will cut the price down and you can create your own custom pieces.  We bought 3/4 inch pipes, corner connectors, T connecters, some end caps, a hose connector and some clear tubing to watch the water go through.  My only tip is to pay attention to your width of tubing.  There are different sizes so make sure everything fits before you leave so that you don't have to go back.

I poked some holes in the tubing with a tack.

We had some kinks to work on.

It was a learn as you go project.  There where some kinks to work out.  The hose connecter wouldn't stay because of the water pressure.  All the other pieces of pipe do not require glue so we can rebuild it to whatever configuration we want.  The only piece that needed glue was the hose connector.  I used some E600 which so far has been holding and its been about three weeks.

The clear tubbing was nice to look out but we had some issues with that too.

Clover likes when the water pours out of the top.  So since we didn't cap off that one side there isn't enough pressure to send water through the tube.  Sometimes it got water but there wasn't enough pressure to squirt out of the holes.

Don't pay attention to my poor dying grass.

We have rebuilt about four times now and each time it's getting bigger and better!

The drill was charged so I was able to poke holes.

Overall our project was about $30.  We also bought two large bag of connectors but if you wanted to buy individual pieces it might bring the price down.

The best part was when we went back to buy more PVC and Clover declared from the back seat "I just love this store" as we pulled up to Home Depot!

That's my girl!    

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