Saturday, March 31, 2012

Silly Saturday

I guess the rain finally did decided to show up.  I was convinced that the sunshine was permanent.  I was wrong.  We were lucky enough to get some outside time in and had lunch outside on the new patio set.  But now we are cooped up.  So since we are now held inside from the weather we have spent the afternoon being silly.  I treated myself to the first season of the Muppet Show so we are slowly making a way through the collection.  It's hilarious.  Clover is laughing her butt-butt off.

We also decided to start in on her very first cookbook!  She got it as a birthday present and since we are inside today and had the ingredients we gave it a shot.

This book is so cute!  It's a board book so it's very sturdy.  (There is my favorite Princess Tiana)    

Clover helped with the dough but because she couldn't eat it she got bored.  She liked rolling out the tentacles!  She did come back when the glaze was being mixed. (I'm sure the Cleaning Fairy wasn't very happy that I managed to mess up my counters so quickly :)

We attempted the Octopus cookies.  

Which went well until I had to frost them.

And thats where things went down hill.

My darling daughter proclaimed that I was the best mom ever for making her cookies.  I felt a little discouraged because they looked nothing like the picture in the book!  I can't frost a cookie to save my life!  I don't even make frosted sugar cookies for Christmas because I suck at it.  I guess it's such a good thing that I have so much practice laughing at myself!  They were very tasty!  I mean it's a chocolate chip cookie with a whip cream/powdered sugar glaze!  How could it not taste awesome?  Went well with an afternoon cup of joe.

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