Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chiari at Disneyland

I'll be honest, I was a little worried before we left.  I've been feeling pretty good but I was worried that with the fast pace that we usually it the park with that I would wear down quickly.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I actually felt pretty good at the park.  Being active makes me feel pretty good.  One of the key things is to have a great pillow to support my neck and the hotel had a great one.  I think I might actually call them and ask what kind of pillows they are.

One of my doctors is worried that at one point I will pass out.  And while I do have some typical Chiari  symptoms, I have never experienced passing out.  But now that she has mentioned it, it's now a fear stuck in the back of my head.  Whenever I go somewhere or do anything I have a constant fear that I will wake up on the floor.  I was really worried that I would pass out and ruin the trip I had spent so much time planning for.  I'm very glad that things went great and I felt pretty good.  The drive wore me out and gave me a headache but other than that I felt pretty good.

There were some things I wasn't able to do.  Roller coasters were definitely off the list, so no California Screamin for me.  Looking up at menus at restaurants was a bit difficult because I'm not supposed to look straight up but I figured out that if I stand back it puts less strain on my neck.

Taking lots of breaks was key.  Whenever I felt off I told myself that it was in my best interest to sit.  We actually hit up some great places to get our snack on while were were there and taking a break.  Every now and then I have to remind myself that there is other stuff to do other than the usual fun stuff we hit up when we are there.  Clover's favorite ride this time around seemed to be the Jungle Cruise.  She also said that she was a big fan of Space Mountain although she kept her head down during the entire ride.  In one of the pictures you can't even tell she is on the ride.  That was also a ride where I waited for them at the exit.

I was a little bummed at first that there were so many rides that I couldn't get on but there were so many new experiences and cute things that happened on the trip that made up for that.  Lots of cute stories to come but for now I need another cup of coffee.

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  1. I'm glad that the trip was a success for you. We will have to plan a trip down there with you, there is no other person (counting Melissa in this of course) that I would love to have show Addison Disney Land for the first time.