Saturday, March 31, 2012

Floppy Bunnies

Time is forever messing with me.  Some days seen to go by really slowly and then some weeks fly by without any notice.  I have to remind myself to enjoy the moment.  I have a tendency to bumble bee around and every now and then I have to tell myself to stop and smell the flowers.

I wanted to do something fun last night and yummy!  A few weeks ago a friend suggested that we do Peepsmores.  Uhm..yes!

So we gathered our ingredients...

I went with fun size hershey's and they were perfect.

Poor bunnies don't know what's coming to them.


We had originally planned to have a fire but it was pretty warm last night since it was supposed to rain today.  I say supposed because it's actually very sunny outside.  Since we opted for no fire I just roasted the Peeps over the bbq grill.  As my daughter would say it was easy peasy.  She was pretty happy that she got to stay up late and have smores with all the grown ups.  She even somehow weaseled 3/4's of one from Daddy.  Who told me they were "sharing".

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  1. That looks good... Darn you and your chocolate teasing! I know what you mean about the days and time messing with you. I feel like the same is happening to me and I find myself stopping in the middle of what I am doing thinking, "Wait, its Friday already?" or "It's 5pm already!" Like always though, it's either going too fast or way too slow :)