Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where Did March Go?

I was looking forward to March.  With the health problems and Dr. appointments that took over the Christmas season I feel like I got robbed of that magical time.  So in my head I had vowed to make it up to my Clover.  The beginning of March appeared and the marathon of planning had begun.  There were portraits to take.  There was a low key birthday party to plan and execute.  There was also our Disneyland trip to plan and prep for and eventually recover from.  There were also friend's birthdays and a baby to wait for (still waiting).  And just like that March was over.

This year I feel like for the first time I was actually able to focus on Clover's birthday.  This time the previous years we had to do blood tests around the same time as her birthday, so at the same time we were celebrating the anniversary of her life, we were also reminded of the roller coaster we boarded afterwards.  This year we were told that we were testing too often and that they recommended that we get her blood test every six months.  So that puts our next test in April.  At first I was apprehensive about waiting but at the same time I now see it as a blessing.  I was actually able to focus on the here and now along with the future without being reminded of our past.  Whatever happens next month I will deal with then.  But for now it is nice enjoying the now.

Clover had an excellent birthday!  She got to choose the theme of her birthday party and decided that she wanted a Bubble Party!  Everything seemed to be going great until our oh so unpredictable weather decided it didn't want to play along.  And yes I stressed about it.  At the last minuted a block of sunshine appeared and we rushed the kids outside to have some bubble fun before it started storming again.  She is very much my social butterfly.  The only thing she wanted was to spend time with her friends and family.  She totally didn't realize she was even getting presents, even with all of the gifts stacked on the coffee table.

We were hesitant to let people know we were going to Disneyland.  You would be surprised how many people have an opinion on the subject.  Clover had an awesome time with so many great memories that it was all worth it.

A must do when you are at the big D at your birthday is to get a button!  Just let anyone know that it's your birthday and they will get you a button.  We let the hotel know and they had a button waiting, along with a glossy signed 8x10 of the Princesses, which at the current moment in time is Clover's favorite (as if I needed to remind you).  They also give everyone celebrating their own buttons which are cute.  Clover put her button on for her birthday and was amazed at how many people told her happy birthday.  Every Cast Member she came across excitedly wished her a happy birthday!  She was amazed that everyone also knew her name (which was on the button).  We all realized that this puts a big kink in the ongoing Stranger Danger talk but decided to pick it back up when we got home.  I am always amazed at the level of patience that Cast Members posses.  Along with Starbucks employees.  They see literally thousands of people a day.  Some nice and some not so nice, but somehow they always seem so happy to talk to you!

We only ran into a couple of rude people in the park.  I know everyone has their days but I can't understand how people can be grumpy at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Clover gets excited at the mention of the place.  We might not tell her the next time we go just because she was so excited the night before that she could not sleep.  So in turn we couldn't sleep!  That morning it was hard not to let her enthusiasm infect you as well.  And she did not let up the entire time we were there.  She managed one nap while we were there and hit the pillow every night at ten only to wake up again by herself at six.  I will admit that I couldn't keep up!  I think that's why we had to spend a few days recovering when we got home!

Now that we are all recovered and rested it's nice to catch up on all of the things that I've been neglected.  Like my bloggy blog and the laundry.  Okay so not the laundry...So here I am spending the last day of March debating getting up and starting a load of laundry.  Oh and waiting for my friend's baby!

So bring it on April!

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