Monday, March 12, 2012

The Great Purse Clean-Out of 2012

I would say that we are in Spring Cleaning mode.  But that would be a lie.  We are in "Company is Coming" cleaning mode.  Usually I don't care because people who know me know that I'm not obsessive about my house.  Sometimes it a little embarrassing and sometimes there are too many things going on to care.  Since we are having Clover's birthday party here, I'm tidying up more than usual.  The entry way hallway got cleaned out on Friday.  Apparently thats where all of the belts and purses go to die.  I have a bad habit of taking out my wallet and just leaving the purse.  The final count was ten hanging in the hallway.  All filled with old receipts and junk.  There were tons of snacks, about 28 crayons, four pairs of clean undies for Clover for those "just in case" moments, lotion, neosporin, boogie wipes and three bottles of nail polish.

Yeah, this was only half way through.

So after cleaning out ten bags I figured out that even though I forget to put it on, I have a lot of lip treatments.  Clover was hunting around the counter for treasures.  She managed to find $1.38 in change and stole one of my chap sticks.  So she scored.  After I cleaned out and sorted I washed most of them and hung them to dry.  Once they were dry I stored them back in the closet.  It's nice to have a clean entry way.    Hopefully it's a metephor for 2012.  The clean entry way, not the pile of junk I pulled out of my purse!  

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