Saturday, January 22, 2011

Always Learning

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

Negative or positive, it may be easier on you if you believe that whatever is going on has a justifiable meaning.  That somewhere down the line all will be revealed and will make sense.  You will have your very own "ah-ha!" moment and everything you have ever went through will all fit together like cute little puzzle pieces.  I used to be a firm believer of that. Life has taught me otherwise. 

Sometimes things happen.  I have figured out that in my own personal experiences, figuring out the "Why?" can be a waste of energy.  I always thought that if I knew the "Why?" I could deal.  A lot of the time, there is no WHY there is just IS. 

However, they do have their own learning experiences. As long as I am moving, I can deal.  Most of the time forward, but sometimes backwards, always learning.      

I have learned that I can depend on my Husband (don't tell anyone that he is cute and dependable because I don't want any Internet hoochies trying to scam on my man). 

I have learned that in scary situations people either step up or fade away.  The ones that stepped it up I hold so close to my heart that I am probably smothering them by now.  I am learning how to get over the disappointment of those who faded, and trying to forgive.  It's been a process.  I'm not perfect, remember I stated that in the last post. 

I have learned that even when you think no one will understand, sometimes it's good just to have someone listen to you.  There are people out there that have an amazing sense of sympathy.  You would be surprised how many people have had similar experiences and even though it wasn't exactly the same, they can relate to the emotions you are feeling.   

I have learned that it's perfectly acceptable to cry in the shower.  When you have pushed your way through the day and you finally get that down time, things hit you.  Like a freakin Mac truck.  Cry away.  You're wet anyways!

I have learned that when your child finds a show that they like make sure it's one that still has merchandise or you will be on the longest wild goose chase you have ever experienced in your life....

I think the most shocking thing I have ever figured out is that I am truly stronger than I had ever thought was possible.  It is amazing how much the human spirit can be stretched thin.  Yet it is still there and stronger than ever. 

My life has it's own puzzle and I have learned by experience where the pieces fit.  Sometimes they move around but for the most part the picture is still the same.  And I still have a smile on my face so I think that counts for something. 

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