Friday, January 14, 2011

2 and 3/4s

When you two and three quarters, life is a lot like a grown ups .  You have worries, concerns and cares.  Just like all those big people too! 

You experience anticipation.  Waiting for Mommy to patiently peel the plastic off of the all natural fruit roll up can seem like FOREVER!  Time just wont go fast enough and no matter how much you scream "A WHOLE ONE"  she just wont go faster! 

Sometimes things don't cooperate.  Like when you want to make that tower as high as the ceiling but you can't get it higher than five cans and it keeps falling over.  I can see your frustration.  I love watching you pick everything up and show your persistence when you start all over again.  It makes Mommy proud.  Not a big fan of the persistence when you are nose to nose with me at six in the morning in a rapid succession like song of "Mom....Get up UP MOOOOOOOOOOOM".  I wish I had that energy level at six in the morning when the sun isn't even up yet...I'm just sayin. 

You get so overwhelmed with joy at the mention of the word PARK.  To the point that I have to spell it if I am even thinking about going.  When you get older that word will be replaces with other words like Mall or MOVIES.  But for now I will totally enjoy the word PARK because I love going with you. 

You have your favorite shows, just like us grown ups.  Instead of medical dramas or "reality shows" yours include more bright colors than adults are used to and for some reason everything talks.  Animals, trees, flowers all seem to have something to say.  It's really adorable when you try to say "Pygmy Marmoset".  I have to be honest here and say that even though you prefer Steve, I really don't have a preference.  I used to.  But I am okay with both now.  And I'm not really sure about the guy in the neon orange fuzzy hat. I really hate to burst your bubble but some day you will realize that not all fish are "Gooeey Fish". 

So you see...your day is not very different from us grown ups.  We go through the same motions.  We anticipate our day and even enjoy a good show or two.  Trust me when I say that sometimes us grown ups wish we could have full on meltdowns too.  We would probably feel a lot better if we did. 

So from me to you I hope that the rest of your day is full of untorn all natural fruit roll ups...otherwise known as "Whole Ones!" 

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