Friday, March 7, 2014

Not Too Shabby

I made something pretty to hold my pretties!  So just warning you this post is pretty picture heavy.

Right now our house is chaos.  Everything is EVERYWHERE!  Usually I am pretty chill when it comes to these kinds of things but after a few weeks things just start bugging the heck out of me.  So during the construction/reorganizing I figured out that my currently jewelry storage situation was not working.  I have a very beautiful jewelry box that my husband got me years ago but it's more for long term heirloom storage kind of stuff.  I need something I can put my everyday pretties on.  Okay maybe I just need somewhere to put my growing collection of Lisa Leonard necklacesDid I mention I love her?  Oh yeah I think I have.

Knowing that I have a garage full of stuff I wanted to make something instead of buying it.  I was also feeling a bit on the creative side.

First thing I did was hit Pinterest.  Did you know that they are calling themselves a "Visual Discovery Tool"?  That just sounds so fancy.  When people asked you what you did all day you can say "Oh, I was using a Visual Discovery Tool."  That sounds so much better than "I just lost three hours on Pinterest".  So after spending a few hours using the visual discovery tool, I had a good idea where I wanted to start.

It took me fifteen minutes to find the frame amongst the mess in the garage.

Ribba from Ikea.

This is a shadow box I picked up from Ikea.  It's not super deep maybe an inch and a half maybe.  I took out the mat and the glass and threw the glass away.  I didn't have anything to re purpose it and glass around here is dangerous so I just just chucked it.

Then I took a break and went to my friendly local Orchard.  Or as I call it Osh.

I picked up some supplies.

I bought a dowel, some screw hooks, drawer pulls and some screw things.  Under ten bucks total.

The inner frame comes out of the large frame.  So I decided that I would just glue it in place so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Then I spent about twenty five minutes looking for my hot glue gun.  I found it in a box of other boxes.  I don't know why it was there either.

So after that was all glued in, I got to painting.  I went with our wall color which is a very bright green.  Mint Shake from Home Depot.  I just used the sample that we bought before we picked the color.  Then the frame did this interesting thing.  The inner part of the frame did not appreciate the paint.  Which was just water based paint.  It would bead up and then when the paint was dry would peel off.  It only did this on the inner part of the frame.  The outside part of the frame coated nicely.

So while this was drying, Clover and I went and got Pedis.

So when I got home the frame was dry and ready for assembly.  This was one of those learn as you go projects.  I had a rough idea in my head of what I wanted but no concrete knowledge of how to get there.

Find Husband's drill and drill a hole every inch.  Add screw hooks.

I started at two inches because I had an interesting way I wanted to mount my new frame.  I didn't have any pictures of me installing the dowel because that was kind of a process.  It didn't work out the way I wanted.  I thought I could just hot glue that sucker in place but that didn't work.  So I hot glued it and then added two small screws to the sides to keep it in place.  Which defeated the purpose of hot glueing any of it since the screws held everything in place.  Oh well.   

While I was using the visual discovery tool to look up jewelry holders I found a lot with vintage knobs.  They were so pretty and I wanted to incorporate that look some how.  I didn't have any vintage knobs but Osh had some crystal ones so I went with those.  So here is how I show you how to turn your knobs into something with a screw end so that you can mount them into a wall instead of a drawer.  They come with the little bolt to screw into the back of a drawer.  I threw that part out.

It took me a while to find these but I did and they worked perfectly!

Ta-da!  Screw on the end!  I was very happy that these actually fit!  

I did buy two different sizes because I wasn't too sure which one would work.  Turns out that the first bag I picked worked just fine.  I placed these in the inside corner of the frame where I wanted to mount them and measure between the holes so I knew how far apart to drill my holes.  This part will make sense in the next few pictures.

Once again I used the drill to pre drill holes and hammer in some dry wall anchors.  This isn't that heavy but the closet is just sheet rock so I know that this isn't going anywhere.  If I do decided to put my holder somewhere else I have two decorative coat hangers in the closet.

Does it make sense now?

I used the drawer pulls to hold the jewelry holder to the wall.  It just rests on top of the two pulls and it is removable.

Look at how level that is first try!

I used the chrome color hooks but you can use which ever color you like.  I found them in white, silverish and gold.

Starting to load it.  You get the idea!

I LOVE the way this turned out.  I am so happy with it.  It's one of those things that just makes me happy looking at it.  Which I could use right now because like I said everything is everywhere!  Well except for my pretties.  They are right on their new home where I can see everything. 


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