Sunday, March 30, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Yes, I'm totally thinking of the song, and now you are too.

At least the person who ransacked the truck this week left our Sound of Music CD.  Clover would not have been happy if Maria was missing!  We have been listening to this for the last couple of weeks.  We love it.  Our favorites are 4, 5, 7, and 8.  Or Maria, I Have Confidence, My Favorite Things and Do-Re-Mi.

So without further interruptions (yeah right), here are a few of my current favorite things...

Pretty Flowers hubby surprised me with.  So pretty!  Love the bight colors!

Lip Products!  I kind of hoard these.  But here is the deal, They have to taste good.  Which is why I am pretty much only into glosses and balms.  I haven't found a lipstick that I actually like yet because the taste is just offsetting to me.  I know it goes on your lips and not in your mouth but some of it gets in your mouth and if I can't stand the taste then it is a no-go. 
Tiara Tuesdays!

A Trenta Black Iced Tea with Three Pumps of Raspberry!

Emergency gloss I keep in the truck.

Sally Hansen Gel Polish in Jaded with Karat Cake on the tips.  

Just found this tea and it is so yummy!  I love fruity iced teas!

In an effort to girly it up a bit, I have been taking baby steps in purchasing make-up.  I bought these two pallets from bh cosmetics.  I love the forever nude for everyday looks and I had on Galaxy Chic this weekend for a birthday party.
Love these!
 I also bought the Botanics Cleansing Cream.  I had been using some other stuff and just thought that if you used something that said "all natural" that it was gentle.  That is not always the case.  So I switched and love the cleansing cream.  I will admit that once I am done I rinse it off.  Then I top it off with some moisturizer.  My face has never been happier.

I finally got to use my gift card for Bath and Body Works.  I picked up some of the Hawaii line.  I love this one!  The smell just smells like Summer to me.  Not that it's Summer here yet.  I mean technically Spring just started.  That hasn't stopped the 80 something degree sunny days!

I have also become very addicted to YouTube lately.  Like loosing hours on it lately addicted.  Some of my favorites are Grav3yardgirl aka Bunny (beauty vlogger and as seen on tv tester), Nicole Guerriero (beauty vlogger), and Cutepolish (super cute nail tutorials).  I did mention I was trying to girly it up, right?

And just to finish it all I will leave my favorite song of the moment right here.

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