Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nailed It, Martha

Can you sense the sarcasm?  I'm not really a big fan of Martha Stewart's product.  Gasp!  I know.  A lot of crafters enjoy her stuff but I find a lot of it to be over priced and the same quality of stuff that is already on the market.  For some reason I thought this time things would be different.  I noticed this sparkly shimmery stuff at the hardware store and then talked myself out of it.  Then around the fourth trip back to the hardware store I shrugged my shoulders and thought "why not?".

Oh look at that.  It's actually called Silver Shimmer.

The sticker looks a bit holographic and super sparkly.  I thought I would add some sparkle to my closet.  It's the closet so if it doesn't turn out I don't have to actively look at it.  

So yeah, it just looks gray.  NOT like the lid color.  There is a little bit of glittery action.  Nothing like the sample in the store.  Which was only about an inch square.  

This was one of those projects where the pay off just wasn't worth it.
Each shelf was painted with four coats of paint.  It looks alright.  I guess if I really wasn't happy with it I could cover it with contact paper.  Maybe I can find contact paper that actually looks like the sticker on the container?  Out of all the projects I worked on at least one of them doesn't turn out.  This one was it for this month I guess.


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