Saturday, March 8, 2014

If You Give a Juju a Project - First Draft

If you give a Juju a project, she is going to need tools to use.

She will have to find the tools first. 

After twenty five minutes of looking for the tools, she will want to give up.

Until she finds the one tool that she needed, which will give her a second wind.

When she gets her second wind, she will start to work on the project.

Only to hit a snag and have to go back to the hardware store.

While at the hardware store she will find pieces to another project totally unrelated to the first project she was working on.

She will purchase those pieces and the one thing she needed for the first project. 

While she is out she will get food or a drink or a treat because working on projects is hard.

Once she gets said food, she will need to take a break.

Once rested she will want to get back to the project. 

She will work on the project until it is finished or until she is happy with the final results.

Then she will have to clean up the mess she made from working on the project.

While cleaning she will notice that she found something she needed for another project and will want to work on that one...

And then the whole darn thing starts all over again! 

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