Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Babble Much

Here's a meta topic, which should illustrate that if you don't know what to blog about, you can always write about how you write.
How do you decide when a post is ready to publish?

It's usually about 45 minutes after I start and I can no longer dedicate the time I want to the post.  If you haven't noticed by now I blog by the seat of my pants.  That is probably why I sometimes seem a bit scattered as I try to connect all these dots in my head. 

I kind of touched on this in one of my previous blogs.  I felt that I had to explain all my errors after forgetting to hit the spell check button more than once. 

When I sit down to blog I either have an idea already forming in my head or I check my email for my prompts.  A lot of the time I am sitting on the couch while Clover wakes up.  Okay so you called me on that one.  The child wakes up with 10x more energy than me so I am usually on the couch while a show is on so I can wake up.  Usually takes one show while my meter creeps up towards "fully" awake.  Depends on how much coffee I manage to consume. 

I sit down and plop my wonky Acer netbook on my lap and tap it a couple of times until the screen stops jiggling.  I am really using this thing until it completely dies.  It's only a year and a month old but managed to go downhill quick.  Maybe the next one will be an apple (hint hint hubby).  At least they support their gear.  Wow went way off subject there...

I sit down with my netbook and a cup of coffee.  Today it is a Fake-achino.  Which is of my own creation.  I'm creative like that.  I have been known to go to great lengths when I run out of dairy product for my coffee.  Which I usually don't realize until my cup is already filled and ready for the creamer.  We had a tad bit of milk today but I saved it for the hubs (see I love him).  So this morning I grabbed the whip cream can out of the fridge and gave my Newman's Own Special Blend a lil squirt, therefore creating a Fake-achino.  You know you want one!

So then I babble out everything through the keyboard, stop and think some more.  Try not to get distracted by the brightly colored show my daughter is watching with the high pitched voices.  Sit and stare at the screen for a bit, attempt to proof read.  Hit publish.  Realize that I forgot to spell check.  Go into the edit page, spell check, and re publish.  Read on the blog (for some reason reading on the green background helps me notice grammar errors better).  And if all looks good I leave it and then give it some Link Love.   

There is my writing process.  I would have said "in a nutshell" but that would imply that I gave you the shortened version.  And as you have noticed this is anything but short!  So there is another peek into my very scattered brain. 

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