Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Which

In which I admit that not all my days are good days.  I like to keep it pretty positive around these parts.  I see no point in wallowing in negativity.  Unfortunately, I don't always live up to my own expectations.  That's life, right?

It started yesterday when I was eating my nice crunchy granola and heard a nasty crunch.  A crunch that was not supposed to be there.  Upon further investigation, I realized that I just crunched my tooth in half.  I spit everything out and sitting right there was half of my tooth.  Luckily it didn't hurt.  But it sent me into a nice downward spiral of worry and wallowing. 

I suppose (and was told) that had I kept up on my semi-annual appointments that perhaps this may have been caught.  I tried to explain to my oh so nice dentist that "It wasn't him".  And that I have a massive fear of dentistry since I had a horrible, torturous and traumatizing dental experience when I was about 15.  In which they stabbed me in the gums with wooden toothpick thingies and continued to drill even though I asked them to stop.  So since then I have not been a fan.  My dentist is great and understands my fear but continues to harass me all in good fun when I do make it in and makes a point to tell the receptionist not to get attached to me since she will never see me again. 

So I not only saw one dentist, I saw two.  I got to experience my very first root canal today.  Which wasn't that bad.  The dentist and assistant were both very nice.  I am a little sore, other than that I feel okay.  But to do all of this I had to secure the truck and find a last minute baby sitter.  So on top of the dental visit, root canal fees and baby sitter charge I am in the hole.  So you can see why I am a little whiny. 

It always seems that whenever I am trying to be healthy it bites me in the butt.  Nice healthy granola caused me to loose a tooth and working out has been put on the back burner since I feel too crappy to do anything.  And for some reason whenever I feel like crap all I want is food that is horrible in one way or another.   Hello Resses Pb cups!   

On top of all this Clover has caught a nice little winter virus.  I am pretty sure that we have caught the same virus so we are both tired, whiny and sick.

Maybe I should have warned you in the beginning that I was a little whiny?   

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