Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easy Peasy

When you're feeling down, what music cheers you up?
Bonus: why do you think this music has that effect? What music do you prefer when you're very happy?

I've been a little relaxed with the Postaweek posting.  I've been posting weekly but I haven't been following the prompts.  I am blaming lack of sleep since Clover is now once again waking at night and crawling in our bed by two in the morning.  Good thing I'm not being graded.

K back to the music...

Anything fast is good for me.  But surprisingly I am not a trance/house fan.  Hubs is.  I have figured out that I am not.  There is only so much boom-chicka-boom-chicka-boomboomboom I can take.  As much as I love the beat I am a lyrics girl.

I never seem to be into music while it's hot.  I always seem to catch the boat like a year later.  A lot of the music on my playlist right now is years old.  I always come back to my favorites.  As much as I am an instant gratification Itunes chick, I also love to purchase a physical CD and listen to it front to back.  My problem comes when I want a CD at 11:05pm or when I fall in love with international artists who's record company isn't releasing or is doing a limited release in the US.   

I bounce around a lot genre wise.  I listen to Country, Rock, Alternative and Oldies but I always come back to good old fashion Pop.  I have artists that I <3.  When I say that I love them...I mean I love their music.  I am not one of those obsessive stalker fans that knows every detail of their lives.  I have hit a wiki page or two out of curiosity.  I may not know about their personal lives but I don't think that makes me less of a fan.  I know the music and the all the lyrics.

Songs I have recently come back to include

Mandy Moore- Have a Little Faith In Me.  I went through a tough spot and this song really helped keep me grounded.  I think it's a positively powerful song.

Jc Chasez - Right Here (by Your Side).  Another artist that I love.  I would be in Heaven if JC and Darren did a duet or worked on a project together.  Can you guys work on that for me?  My birthday is coming up.  Not that the world revolves around me or anything.  Loling at myself right now.  JC had an album that was scheduled for release and then it was never released.  I was disappointed to say the least.

Van Halen - Can't Stop Loving You.  Hubs and I share a love for Van Halen.  However, he likes more songs by David Lee Roth (ick) and I am Sammy's girl through and through.  Yes, the Sammy/David argument is alive and well in our household. *Editorial Note:  Hubs has informed me that although we have had many discusions on this topic that he "Does not like more Dave songs than Sammy songs and that I am full of it and that Sammy ROCKS"  I agree with the latter statement however now I feel as if I have to carry a recorder around to prove that I am not going crazy ;)

Savage Garden - Crash and Burn.  I love this song too.  I found it on my Ipod when I was working on my I <3 Darren Post and have been listening to it ever since.

So there is a peek into what songs I come back to when I need some cheering up.  I would add more but life is calling me and there is a sink full of dishes that need tending too.  Guess I will fire up my Kitchen Cleaning playlist and get my butt shaking on!

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