Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Sleepover In Which No One Slept

Clover had a sleep over with her best little friend.  I don't know why they call it a sleep over when no one sleeps.  So we kept the girls busy which included some My Little Pony and some bubble gum making.  Yes, that's right.  Making bubble gum.  We got a kit for Christmas.

 Unpacking the box.

 Contents:  Powdered sugar, flavorings, sour powder and gum base.

The girls were able to do a lot of the steps by themselves.  They did a lot of the measuring and mixing.  The instructions say to used a plastic spoon.  Do that.  I didn't listen to that part of the instructions and used a metal one and was cleaning it up for awhile.  

The gum flattened out.

All the pieces cut up and ready to try. 

It was pretty tasty gum and the girls looked like chipmunks with all the gum stuffed in their cheeks.  Then they went off to plot out how they were going to keep me up all night.  Then did manage to fall asleep for awhile even though they fell asleep with every light in her room on.  That was short lived.  I guess with all the excitement of having your bestest little friend there is just no room for sleep.

The girls had a blast and when the door bell rang with Mom to pick her up you could hear the girls go "aww man!"  I'm glad the girls had a good time and I felt bad she didn't want to go home but at the same time I needed a nap!

Clover was pretty upset when her friend left.  With the combination of lack of sleep and missing her bestie she was a whiny mess.  She crawled into my lap and told me that it would make me feel better if we cuddled and within two minutes she was asleep.  So I did what any sleep deprived mother would do.  I snuggled her and let her take a nap on me.

She slept for a little bit and when she woke up she was still a hot mess.  So we hung out on the couch with some hot chocolate until she felt better.  There might have been a cookie or two also.

I never did get my nap.         


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