Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Warned Him

I have one of these memories of talking to my boyfriend way back when.  We were day dreaming about what our future house would look like and I expressed my hatred for plain white walls.  He asked me what colors I liked and I said everything but white.  "So you would paint every room in your house a different color?"  he asked.  Yes, yes I would. 

And you know what?  He married me anyways.  He knew, it's not like I didn't warn him.

So now we are in the planning process of what color we want to repaint the bedroom.  It's a light blue right now, and I love the light blue but we are feeling a change coming.  Light green maybe?  The furniture we picked out is a cherry color.  So I don't want to go too dark on the walls.  Picking out color for walls is nerve wracking because you don't want to pick the wrong color.  But in reality if we hate it we can always repaint.  So bring on the color!  I may have to start a new pinterest board!  I think I just figured out what I was doing this afternoon! 

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