Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nostalgic Fog

Sometimes flashbacks in the middle of the grocery store aren't a bad thing.  I was strolling through the cracker isle when I heard Savage Garden.  Of course it was Truly Madly Deeply.  This song has such a special place in my heart.  I was in love with this song.  I walked down the isle and married my husband to this song.

Have you ever tried to concentrate on grocery shopping when you are stuck in this nostalgic fog?

I think it's a good thing when you can look back and be happy with the memories.  To be that young and be so sure of something.  I knew I was in love and I knew I wanted to marry the guy that was standing on the end of the patio.  We had our family, some friends, the ocean, a bouquet of roses and Savage Garden on the boombox.  There were so many other things going on but that is what I remember.  It was him and I and nothing else mattered.

It's so interesting how a song can still be the same but the emotions you associate with it can change and then sometimes they don't.  Whenever I heard it I made my husband get up and dance with me.  We would shuffle around the kitchen in our socks.  I'm sure I annoyed everyone by keeping the song on auto repeat.  Fourteen years later, I still love that song.  Even through the craziness that can be life, I still love the man I married on that day.   

And then regular life kicked in and music got put down the list of priorities.  So it is nice when I hear an old song.  Even if I'm trying to decided between Better Cheddars and Ritz at the time.  I ended up getting both but I forgot the shaving cream.  I blame the fog.

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