Friday, February 1, 2013

Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up Again, Repeat

No, not the tubthumping song.  But you are welcome for the earworm anyways.

It always seems like there is something that knocks me down whenever I'm doing good.  I guess that's why everyone out there calls it a weight-loss struggle.  There was one year that I was convinced that whenever I mentioned the word "diet" something bad was going to happen.  But now I see that it's just bad timing.

Right now I'm in the middle of this acid reflux business.  I'm on prescription grade meds to keep my stomach from eating itself and all I really want to eat is bread.  Yeah not exactly on the okay to eat list for many many diets.

I'm once again discouraged and disappointed.  But that will pass too.  I'm really trying to not end up in a chocolate and ice cream induced downward spiral.  Chocolate is on the do not eat list.  Along with no coffee, tomatoes, or citrus.  That's like half my diet right there.  Seems like it's time to readjust and move on.

Looks like it's calorie counting for me.


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