Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes, I'm Crazy Enough To Try

I like to try my Pinterest fails while my husband is at work.  That way if they fail I have time to clean up the mess.  So I have tried some stuff and posted that last very sentence on Facebook only to have my husband come home while I was in the middle of my Pinterest experiment.  And what was I doing?  I was spraying the shower down with Dawn and Vinegar.  Yeah that made the whole house stink.  Not only did he come home during the middle but he brought a co-worker home unannounced.  That was a fun day.

The dawn and vinegar thing works.  It works on soap scum.  So if you have soap scum I would say give it a whirl.  The instructions I tried said to microwave the vinegar, which is what stunk up the house.  So you get it hot and then add the dawn and then pour it into a spray bottle.  Spray wipe away with a towel and rinse.  But I don't have soap scum.  I have hard water.  Pretty much every one of my faucets has been replaced since we have lived here due to the scale build up.  That leaves cleaning all the other surfaces that it accumulates on.

And yes, I am just that crazy or dumb enough to try random things I found on the internet.

So today Hubby came home and noticed a coke in the fridge.  Since I have told him I will no longer be purchasing sodas for our household he was a bit confused.  So then I told him that it was for cleaning the shower and he just looked at me and then gave me this "oh geez not again" kind of an eye roll.  Don't think I didn't see it!  I don't blame him though.

So I found this link last night and thought I would give it a try.  Cleaning the shower with Vodka and Coke.  Sure, why not?  Sign me up.

So you pour equal amounts in a spray bottle and go at it.  Again with the spray bottle.  I'm not sure if people think about it when they suggest that you use a spray bottle.  You are vaporizing vodka basically.  It smells better than bleach but not by much.  I'm pretty sure I sanitized my nose.

I only sprayed a once over and I didn't get a chance to let it sit very long.  Hubby wanted to take a shower.  I just gave it another round.  I guess I will report back and let you all know if it worked.

I don't know if my husband can handle any more home concocted cleaning recipes.  

*Edit in the name of science:  Did you really think it was going to work?  Just another one to add to the FAIL list.

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