Thursday, December 13, 2012

Keeper of Stuff

After trying to make a dent in Clover's room I have come to the conclusion that she is THE keeper of stuff.  She has baskets filled with her treasures that she collects from just about everywhere she goes.  This includes on Thanksgiving where she came home with a heavy haul of trinkets from Granny and Grandpa's coffee table.

This is her collection of "fluff" that she had to have after helping me with a project today.  

She wont specify why she needs it just that she needs it.  

This basket contains the treasures from her Grandparent's house along with some beading supplies she jacked when we had crafty time the other night.  

As you can tell there is a lot of random stuff in there.  They are all her treasures and if you even nudge the basket she freaks out.  Odds are if you are missing some stuff she has it in her basket.  I'm really anticipating what she is going to do with all that stuff.  

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  1. LOL This is a great memory...oh and to tell this story in a book.