Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It Wasn't Really The Time

Being the non-confrontational person I am, I debated about posting about such a sensitive subject.  I guess I have reached my limit of being bombarded with what seems to be lack of empathy or sympathy and it has gotten to me.  I think I might give up Facebook for awhile.  I thought about doing that during the election just to avoid the spam and hatred.  Instead I just hid everyone and kept using.  Last week after the tragic events in Connecticut, Facebook blew up and I unfriended some people.  I'm still on the fence on if there will be more.

It wasn't really the time for you to promote your gun politics, or time for you to throw around infographics on God in schools, or for you to complain about us "spamming condolences", or your conspiracy theories.

That was just plain tacky.

I, myself am having a hard time processing what has happened but even I knew that it wasn't the time.  These conversations may or may not need to take place, but the day of or even the day after is just too soon.  People are trying to process what has happened.  People are grieving.  Even if this happened all the way across the country it still effects us here at home.  Why?  Because it pulls us out of our normal.  It makes us think.  And yes, it makes us hug our little ones tighter.  Because we can.  Because other's can't and that makes us sad.  Very, very sad.  


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