Thursday, December 27, 2012

In Which I Am A Horrible Santa's Helper

I'm actually pretty proud of myself.  I toned it down this year.  Last year I will admit that I went a little nuts.  I got caught up in the giving of stuff.  That was also when Clover started her dress up phase so there was lots of princess stuff to be bought.

This year I knew I wanted the focus to be different.  Not only for Clover, but also for myself.  I just wanted time.  I wanted to spend time with all the people that I loved and I wanted to enjoy it.  And I have been.  It's been wonderful.

Last year Clover was not very into Santa or the whole Santa concept.  This year everyone from her dance teacher to the baggers at the supermarket have been asking her what she asked Santa for.  For the record she asked for a real crocodile family and a real turtle family.  We talked about the logistics of having those types of animals for pets and came to the conclusion that maybe we should adopt one from the local zoo.  She did receive several stuffed crocodiles and turtles which she was very happy about.

Since she wasn't that into Santa, this year I didn't really focus too much on it.  I'm also kind of selfish in the fact that I don't really want Santa getting credit for the stuff I searched for.  Well, I got myself into a bit of a pickle on the Santa front.  I wrapped up Clover's presents and put them under the tree.  She has an excellent memory.  So she knew that Santa hadn't been by because those were the same presents under the tree that were there last night.  She got bummed out that Santa hadn't been by.  Especially since the night before her cousin had been telling her that Santa wasn't going to bring her anything.

I had to think quick.

She didn't know that her stocking had been filled so I told her that Santa knew that Mommy and Daddy had her covered on presents but that he left her a stocking.  She opened it up and was thrilled.  And how did Santa know that she wanted square lollipops and Leroy and Stitch?  She seemed content with the answer I gave her.  I guess next year I will have to make sure that I stash a couple.

I'm pretty sure someone from the North Pole will be coming to confiscate my elf hat.

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