Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Has Room. Right?

The last day of 2012 was spent simply.  Hubby and I hung out at home.  The last few hours of the year led to some interesting self reflection and then tiredness won out and I crashed.  I made it to ring in the New Year but unfortunately Clover was up as early as ever.  I feel like I'm dragging already this morning.

That's what caffeine is for right?

So in all my self reflection I have noticed that my attitude over the last year has taken a nose dive.  It's been a good year but it has had it's rough patches.  I've spent too much time dwelling on the negative and that has taken a hit on my sunny disposition.  Not to say that I'm all fairy and gumdrops one hundred percent of the time.  Realistically I have a bit of a sarcastic side.  But I have noticed that I have become a bit more cynical and that's not really okay with me.

I don't really have any resolutions or anything since I rarely stick to them but I think that 2013 might have room for attitude adjustments.

Of course my own and I acknowledge that.  But maybe there is enough to spread it around.



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