Monday, January 14, 2013

Hotel TV

Hubby had to teach a class last week out of town.  Since he was going to be gone Sunday through Friday, we tagged along.  I am a great big o wimp when it comes to staying home by myself.  And even though he had been home for two weeks during vacation I still felt like I would miss him.  So to save everyone from hearing about it, I just went with him.

What was supposed to be a routine trip was full of adventure let me tell you!  First of all Rojo Grande broke down!  Yeah...dramatic pause...we still aren't sure what is wrong with our big red truck.  We took it in Saturday to find out that the service station closed early.  I'm not very happy.  Thankfully my parents were able to spring to our rescue.  My dad spent his only day off coming out to get us.  Part of my rant included that this was our first American car and it left us stuck on the side of the road in the winter time.  It's only three years old.  None of my Hondas broke down one me...EVER.  So there is that.

So after we got home, traded vehicles and got back on the road again we were greeted with rain most of the way there.  Clover has become a pro at car rides.  Which is good because when she was a baby she absolutely hated being in the car.  Being in the car at night...forget it!  She screamed the entire time.  She got a lot better once she could see out of the window.  Now she is a road trip girl!

I was a little concerned since our portable dvd player had died and we hadn't replaced it.  She kept busy.  But since there was no dvd player that meant that I was stuck with hotel TV.  Ick.  We gave up satellite almost  two years ago (maybe more than that).  We use a combo of dvds, streaming Netflix and iTunes for entertainment.  We couldn't justify paying almost a hundred dollars a month for the three channels that we were watching.  So it has been awhile since we have watched any sort of commercial.  Clover has a hard time with hotel tv because she doesn't understand why I can't put on her favorite shows when she wants them.  On the other hand she likes it because she gets to watch shows Mom usually doesn't let her watch at home.  Like Spongebob.

Two days in, we went to the mall and I picked up a cable.  I couldn't take it anymore.  Luckily, I have two movies on my phone that we could watch.

Hotels don't really like it when you do this because they want you to pay for their over priced movies.  

I'm not having any of that noise because I hate commercials and I'm not paying ten bucks to rent a movie.  Luckily the ports weren't disabled on this TV.  Which I have ran into in the past.

I like traveling because it takes the house part out of the equation and I feel like I can concentrate on spending time with my daughter without worrying about if the laundry or dishes are done.  We get to do things just us girls.  She gets to lead these adventures, which she loves.  Hot tub in the middle of the afternoon?  Sure why not!  Scouting a place to snag an Ice cream bar?  Heck Yeah!

So this also includes watching hotel TV.  So on the preview channel they were showing previews of the movies that you can rent on demand.  At $10 a pop I would rather not.  So they kept showing The Possession.  Which I have never seen and since it's a horror movie I will probably NEVER see.  But they kept showing it and apparently it's about a "true" story about a ghost in a wooden box.  Then we went downstairs for a snack to get out of the room for a bit and found this.

We appeased it with a Kit Kat.  So it wouldn't come after us.

Someone should really keep up on their preview channel. 

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  1. JUDY you crack me up! I'm so glad that you blog normal every day life. You guys live quite the adventure.