Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Always Watching Me

Some of my days are filled with a lot of laundry and chores and the plain o humdrum of every day life. And then some days are filled with so much WHAT THE <insert a word that doesn't offend you here>??

Just a sample of the weirdness I run into

Hawkeye is watching me do laundry.  

Like literally because he is stuck to the underside of the washer lid.  He was part of the Avengers stickers set that Clover got from the Disney Store when we wondered in during one of their Trick or Treat days.  She handed out stickers and apparently I didn't find him when I did the laundry and he ended up on the underside of the lid after a load of wash.  I will admit that I turned him around because I didn't like that he was looking at me upside down.  Ps.  I have a hard time with the Hawkeye part because in my mind there is only one and he was played by Alan Alda (M*A*S*H reference).  

I found an Into to M*A*S*H here.  It's also where I found this picture.  

Here we have Bilbo Baggins trying to peek at me through the kitchen cabinet.  

There is just something offsetting by having someone staring at you from INside the cabinet.  Even if it is just a little Hobbitsiss.  We took Clover to see The Hobbit and she has found a new obsession.  She LOVED the movie and has added it to her favorites list.  I know that some of you are rolling your eyes right about now and claiming that there is no way my almost five year old could love the Hobbit and have added me to the hipster list.  If you have been reading my posts full of run on sentences you would have figured out by now that my daughter definitely has her own taste.  So when we found the LOTR blu-rays at Target we had to pick them up.  That and they were only $13 a piece.  Needless to say it took ALL darn weekend to watch all of the movies!  She has even requested a Hobbit Birthday party for her big number 5.  Yeah what did I get myself into?  A My Little Pony Birthday would have been so easier.  But Nooooo.  She wants Hobbit.  So Hobbit she shall get!  

This is going to get really interesting.         

Pss. For some reason that picture reminds me of the little Sesame Street cup guy.

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