Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's In A Dream

So my dreams lately...I have no idea what is going on!  I mean, I guess it's a good thing that I am dreaming.  This time last year I wasn't and I was exhausted after a nights rest.  This year, the dreams are so full of crazy.  They are crazy but they seem as if they could for a minute be completely real and then I wake up with a head full of WTF!

So the other night I had a dream that Alton Brown from Good Eats would take time off once a year and fly to the west coast to go out with me to eat mexican food.  And I mean, if you wanted super fantastic mexican food, I know where to go so that's not the weird part.  It was super secret, like I was cheating on the Hubs.  Maybe I felt guilty because Hubby is the one I go to mexican food with?  I have no idea. I woke up thinking that it was cool that I was running around town with Alton Brown.

A couple nights later I had a dream that I was thrift store hunting with Ariel Tweedo from Flying Wild. Hubby loves the Alaska shows so every now and then we watch them before bed.  We were both really sad when they ended the show.  So I had this dream that we were hanging out and decided to go on a hunt.  A thrift store hunt.  So we were hitting up all the thrift stores in town looking for vintage treasures.

This morning I woke up from a dream that left me with more questions than answers.  I had a dream that I won a singing contest.  Which is a hoot because I do not sing.   Let me rephrase that...I sing...just not very well and it's usually while I am doing dishes or in the shower.  So I start the dream with me and Clover and we are being driven to this house.  Darren Hayes opens the door!  And I totally played it cool in the dream which is where I knew that something was going on because I probably would have fainted in real life.  But like I said I played it cool and we chatted it up like we were old friends and at no time did my knees get weak.  Totally knew it was a dream there.  So we went for a walk and there was Star Wars stuff everywhere.  Like dogs that looked like Chewbacca and cars that looked like cruisers.  So after our visit he was supposed to drive us to the airport.  Instead we ended up at a Country  Club.  Apparently I was also in an all girl Country Band.  Although the girls and I were only there to serve soup.  The chef was really mean to us though and we wanted to leave but it was supposed to be a gig so we didn't want to leave and make anyone upset just in case we made it big we didn't want any bad stories about us.  I woke up right around the time we were supposed to serve the soup.

Can any of you dream interpreters jump on this and let me know what is going on in my head?        

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