Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swirling Ideas

Someone mentioned the other day that I should write about Clover's adventures.  I do write about them here and a lot of Facebook.  But she was talking about writing a children's book.  I had thought about this several times and brainstormed some ideas, but in the end lost confidence in my writing abilities and gave up.  But the last couple of days the idea hasn't left my head.  I've even tried to come up with a story line.  With self publishing and Amazon these days I really don't need to get picked up by a publisher so that opens the field a little bit more.  But then I have questions.  Is this something I can really do?  Do I have ideas that others would be interested in reading?  I have really questionable taste in literature.  One of our favorite books is called Chicken Butt so I'm not sure if I'm qualified.

Does it matter?

I can write...and I want too.

So there is that.        


  1. My all time favorite childrens book is 'Go The Fuck To Sleep' by Adam Mansbach. Lmao. I think your writing is wonderful and your stories would be the onss Id like to read to my children. Not scary Hansel and Gretel. Lol. Get out of your own head because youd be great!

  2. Oh girly I'm positive that you could do this. Also to take Chloe's life, stories, phrases and imagination and put them on paper to share with others in such a cool way. Also these are forever memories and what a great way for Chloe, you and everyone of us to look back and enjoy the girls she is