Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back To Whatever Normal Is

Last week was crazy.  It was a blur of tulle, tights, bows and teeny tiny rhinestones.

Sometime last year I became a dance mom!  Clover has been taking dance with her bestest little friend (her words).  She has a big best friend and a little best friend so she has to be specific.  Everything they have learned through out the season had come together last week.  Their very first show.  We were right in the middle of a professional production.  It was the dance studio's 33rd show so as the newbies we did our best to soak it all in while staying out of the way.

Last week was full of introductions and rehearsals.  Lots of busy afternoons.  We aren't really used to having busy afternoons and there was some poor planning on my part which led to a lot of eating out.  Too much for my comfort zone.  To the point where I am embarrassed to admit just how many unhealthy meals we had last week.  But it was just one week so I am cutting myself some slack.

It mostly set in while I was reading my friend's blog about eating better and treating her body right.  How she noticed that she didn't eat right her body let her know.  It probably didn't help that while I was reading about how she was learning how to treat her body right, I was sucking down a chocolate milk while munching on the pretzel ritz munchables.

So then I got up and made some summer porridge to sit in the refrigerator for breakfast.  I make a variation of the blueberry one.  I don't do chia seeds though because I have texture issues, so I subbed in a tablespoon of wheat germ because it's what I had.  I have also had it with flax seed which is also pretty yummy.

I am feeling better about getting back to our version of normal.  Whatever that is.        

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  1. Awww, Juju! Thanks! <3

    Good for you. I have been enjoying all the photos and rhinestone updates, by the way.

    That porridge looks good. I think I saw a paleo "Cream of (Not) Wheat" recipe somewhere. I will have to throw something like that together.