Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Blur of Tulle, Tights, Bows and Teeny Tiny Rhinestones

My baby girl was in her very first dance production.  The youngest class had two dance numbers.  They did a great job.  She lined up with her bestest little friend and the friends she had made throughout  the year.  As soon as the lights came on they danced their little hearts out.

I got to watch from the sidelines.  Hopefully someday my darling will appreciate the fact that I gave up my audience seat to take part in the backstage craziness.  Which wasn't really all that crazy at all.  Everything was very organized and our kids did great.  At one point all eight of our kids were lined up at the craft table in-between numbers.

I can't wait to get the video so I can see how she looked on stage.  Even though I gave up my seat, being backstage was fun.  It was heartwarming to see just how much fun they were having.

At the end of the show Daddy was waiting with flowers which just made her night.  She held on to them all night and midway home fell asleep on them.

She is already asking about next year's dance season and show.  Next year I will be ready with a stack of tulle and ribbon and slightly bigger rhinestones!  

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