Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Growing Up On PBS

Hubby and I were sitting in the office last night and he was talking about how amazing it is that we have all this content at our fingertips.  He was making a reference to streaming an HD music video in the background while he was working on one of his many side projects.  We were talking about how cool it was to be living in our era.  Then he looks at me and says "You're just used to it all by now".

I think he was baiting me...Hubby can be a troll like that sometimes.  Then I gave him the what-kind-of-prima-donna-princess-do-you-think-is-in-front-of-you with my eyebrows arched ??? kind of look.

It does in fact blow my mind that I can basically google anything and find some form of entertainment or content pertaining to my search.  Part of the reason I find it so mind blowing is because I grew up with over the air antenna television.  5 whole channels at your fingertips.  7 if you count the spanish channels which sometimes I watched when there was nothing else on and even though I could only make out a few words they were still pretty entertaining.  I was not fortunate enough to grow up on MTV.  In my opinion I grew up with something ten times cooler.

I grew up PBS.

Or Public Broadcasting System.  It went through several name changes but I think that's what it's called now.  It's been a year since we cut satellite so I haven't checked in with them in a while.  On the weekdays it was Sesame Street.  The weekends were my favorite because that is when they would air the cooking shows.  This was way before I even knew there was an entire channel devoted to food.  All of my desire to experiment while cooking came from Martin Yan and Rick Bayless.  I also grew up watching the one and only Julia Child.  My family has a pretty basic pallet so I wasn't able to experiment with anything while living with the folks.  Nope, all my culinary exploration took place after I moved out.  Thankfully the Hubby is pretty good about letting me know what was good and what never to make again *cough* Meatloaf *cough*.  

And now in the data at your finger tips era ( I don't know what all the cool kids are calling it) I can browse clips of my favorite shows via YouTube.

I have to say that still after all this time...I'm still not used to it.  But it's pretty dang awesome!  And now I want home made tortillas!

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