Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Dangerous To Go Alone...Take This

Hubby's 33rd birthday came through here with a force.  Or maybe that was a Triforce.  bad-dum-tish!  We picked a theme three days before the party.  Then it was go time!  I had one day to run errands, a day to clean and a morning to pull it all together.

We went with a classic Zelda theme.  It's funny when you tell adults that you are going with a themed party.  At first they sort of look at you sideways like they are way to cool for some party with a kids theme.  Then about three minutes later they are sitting with you helping you brainstorming.  It happens every year and five minutes after they get here they are sporting a pirate hat or whatever theme we went with that year.

So once the theme was picked there was an intensive internet search for things that were doable in my three day period.  I also had to pick aspects from the video game that could be translated into party fodder.  For the entry way Hubby had the great idea to cover the door in something black to make it look like you were entering through a door from the game.  So that is what we did.  It turned out so cute but for some reason I forgot to take a picture.  Here are a few pictures I did manage to take.

Zelda map cake.  Sort of.  
Hubby likes yellow cake with chocolate frosting or else I would have used the tan color for the map but he wanted chocolate.  He loves it baked in a glass pan.  I think it's because that's how his aunt made it.  He's the birthday boy so he got exactly what he wanted.  I did add a box of pudding to the mix and it was sooooo yummy!  The design cane from snack or die.  

I printed out pictures from a quote website and hung them around.  This one was on the bathroom door.

I whipped this up the morning of with some clipart and some printable shrinky dink paper.  I used my last sheet!  I love this stuff.  I did run into a small problem where I didn't punch out the hole big enough.  I used the small hole punch and it wasn't large enough after it shrunk and there is no way you can make that hole bigger after you shrink it.  

My cute and very simple hats! 

The hats came from The Night Garden blog.  They are as simple as she makes it look!  One square and one seam!  Sixteen hats and two prototypes where completed in two Phineas and Ferb episodes and one Sesame Street.  So about two hours.

It felt great to be surrounded by great friends.  I will admit that I didn't think that everyone I invited was going to be able to make but at one point we had way more people here than we had seats for them.  Yeah, I felt kinda bad about that.

All together the party was a big hit.  

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