Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pass Me Another Slice

I got tapped to do some baking for a bake sale.  Of course I said yes.  How could I turn her down?  Baking lots of goodies?  Yes.   Which will be sold and profits will go towards helping out teen moms?  Double Yes.  Win all around.

So what did I make?

The first, I am calling an experimental recipe.  I have not tested it before but It was pretty easy to make and is totally yummy, not to mention totally sticky.  The smell in the house this morning was heavenly.  Fall mixed with popcorn mixed with caramel.

This recipe was from Make it and Love it.  I couldn't stop eating it.  Then I ate some more.  Then I stopped eating it long enough to pack it up.  Now that I am finally sitting down to write this I am seriously thinking about getting up and snagging a bag.  I will hold off a bit because I don't want my poor keyboard to get sticky since I am not done writing yet.

My fall back recipe that I use every year, multiple times a year is the good o Tollhouse recipe.  I didn't actually have the tollhouse bag since I use Guittard chocolate chips.  I have experimented in the past and I find that I love the quality of Guittard.  The milk chocolate chips are so good that I will eat them straight out of the bag.  I made triple chocolate chip cookies with the recipe.       

I set some goodies aside for the Hubs since he swears up and down that I never save him anything that I make.  But since it's all sitting nice and neat on the counter for him I can't help but think that maybe I want just one more cookie.  After all the taste testing I did today I didn't think it would be possible to want one more cookie...but they are tempting.    

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