Thursday, October 6, 2011


Poor September only had 8 blog entries.  Looking at that makes me kind of sad.  I've been hesitating lately.  I'm not exactly sure when this feeling started to form.  Lately I find myself second guessing everything I want to post.  Yes, some thoughts should probably stay up in my brain.  But some stories are funny and need to be shared.  Like the time I took twenty pairs of socks and spelled out I <3 U on my Hubby's desk in my very own passive aggressive "here are your darn socks" note.  Then again, some thoughts are interesting and I wonder if I am the only one wondering why there are so many characters under Disney named Max?  So why am I not posting these thoughts?  

Maybe it's the weather, or the Moon?  The Moon gets blamed for a lot around here.  I think I had the "Do I really want to write about THAT?" question too many times in September.  Perhaps I was trying to be someone else.  One of the cool kids?  Maybe I didn't want to come off as the whiney chick who writes about whiney stuff?  Who knows.  I surely don't.   But I have been putting some thought into why I'm not writing as much anymore.

I am working on fixing this situation.  

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