Monday, October 10, 2011

Differing Opinions

Both conversations took place today...

Me:  Patience is a virtue.

Hubby:  Patience is YOUR virtue.  I am instant gratification, YOU are infinite patience.  That is why this marriage works.

Me:  Oh really?  Is that why?

Hubby:  Yes.  Yes it is.

Later that evening...

Hubby:  Your a hypocrite.

Me:  *blink*looks bewildered*blink*

Hubby:  You are a hypocrite

Me:  What?!?

Hubby:  You will watch CSI:New York before bed but you won't watch Transformers 3?!?  That makes you a hypocrite.

Me:  *Thought* Gary Sinise vs. Shia Lebouf?  Really? */end thought*

Me:  I never said I wasn't.

Hubby throws side eye.

Ahhh the joys of marriage.

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