Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up

Since the Summer was winding down I thought that our schedule would slow down as well.  Silly me.

This fall has turned out to be a blur of playdates, zoo adventures and little trips.  Not that I am complaining.  I enjoy it.  For some reason this all includes massive amounts of laundry.  I still feel as if I am not caught up.

I keep finding myself traveling on my Laundry Day.  A couple of weeks ago Hubby said he wanted an extra day to sleep in and some time to goof around on his computer.  Being the respectful wifey that I am, I gave him his free time by taking a quick trip to Disneyland.

Every Disneyland trip is memorable.  This last time we found ourselves there on a very busy Sunday.  I kept wondering why it was so busy.  It took me about half the day and several red shirts later to figure out that we had found ourselves there right in the middle of Gay Days.  Now, I have read a bunch of stuff trashing this event and a few people have sought out websites to complain.  To be entirely honest, we had a great time.  Everyone was very polite and friendly.  Not once did we see any lewd behavior.  I did see some questionable fashion choices.  Yes, dude in the skin tight leopard print jeans I am specifically talking to you.  Every time we go we see questionable fashion choices so I can't really blame it on Gay Days.  Had I not noticed the Gay Days T-shirt I probably wouldn't have put it together on my own.  I'm either that progressive or that self centered that I didn't notice and while I would love to claim that it was the first, it was more than likely the latter.  I need to look it up and see if they sell the T-shirt after the event because now I want one since I was there, even if I didn't realize it right away.  That and they were cute Tees.

We also found ourselves traveling withe the Hubs lately.  He had some training in San Jose and it was either go and spend some time in a hotel or sleep in my bed by myself.  Being the total baby that I am, I chose to go and sleep next to my husband.  It wasn't that bad of a gig.  A very nice lady comes in once a day and replaces my towels and makes my bed and vacuums.  It's kinda what I imagine heaven to be.  We were stuck with hotel tv but Clover and I managed to keep ourselves busy.  We went exploring and even found a day to hit up a mall.

On one of our exploring trips we found ourselves at Real Beauty in Milpitas on Calaveras St.  It's a beauty supply shop.  Lot of stuff in a small space.  I found myself chatting with a very nice lady that was super helpful.  I am alway amazed by people with great customer service.  I find myself amazed because good customer service no longer seems to be the norm.  Even though we don't live anywhere near Milpitas, if I find myself that way I would stop by again.  Faria "like Maria, but with an F"  was super helpful and so nice.  She didn't freak out that Clover wanted to touch everything, and understood that my little three year old was just as amazed as I was.  My eyes glossed over as I found myself in the polish isle.  So many pretty colors!  I left with several colors and some mini bottles.  Along with some automatic tweezers since I stared in the mirror and all I could focus on was the two fuzzy caterpillars above my eyes.  I will never go back to using regular plain o tweezers after discovering automatics.  

I would love to sit and catch up some more but my eye balls keep rolling back on their own so I think this is a good place to pause.

If they roll any further in the back of my head I will be able to see my brain.

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