Monday, May 30, 2011


This Years Picture
Last Years Picture

Somehow I have had the great fortune of weaseling myself into another family, getting myself adopted.  Last year they so lovingly bestowed this treasure upon my family.  We love it.  It's a vintage Ice Cream maker.  And boy o boy does it get used!  Just whipped up a batch of Cake Batter Ice Cream to cap our our nice Grill Out Night.  Of course had to top it off with some sprinkles.  Unfortunately we ran out of the sprinkles that came with the Ice Cream maker and now I have to go shopping.  

See the empty container?

I hope you all had a great three day weekend!  Ours was pretty good.  Honestly, it feels great to get back to some sort of normalcy.  

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  1. It was very good ice cream. I just shocked it hasn't cracked under the pressure of not making plain ole vanilla ice cream!!!