Saturday, May 14, 2011

Snapshot Saturday!

What a great idea!

Thumbin' My Way has a great challenge for all the writers out there.  Something for fun and not at all stressful.  You can head over there and get the low down on the challenge.  She will provide the photos and we get to take it and run.  

Saturday Snapshot Challenge at Thumbin' My Way

So here is my first entry.


From the porch you can watch 
the world go by on foot.  
One step in front of the other.
All walking down the 
well traveled path.  

From this porch you can watch
a community slowly grow
Family by family
They are all somehow connected.

From this porch you can watch
Fathers walk to work.
Mothers hang laundry on the 
cotton line.
Brothers and sisters play 

From this porch I can wait.
Peeking through the window
To see if she is any closer
to the candy counter.

1 comment:

  1. Wow- I love what you came up with! The image of the porch and what it represents is amazing. Fantastic post. Thanks for participating in this fun little blogfest.