Saturday, May 7, 2011

She Wants It All (Crafty Post)

I'm so excited!  I finished Clover's stage today.  It's a little High School Musical themed.

Clover has been doing this thing lately where she throws all the stuff off her bed and uses it as a stage.  That was giving me the heebee-jeebees because her no sock wearin feet were jumping all over her nice and clean sheets.  Ick.  So then my friend mentions that maybe we would pull our crafty brainpower and fix her up a stage.  Good idea!

So we started brainstorming and made a trip to Lowe's and meandered through the isles.  But then the paranoid Mommy brain kicked in and I started worrying about pesticides in wood and sanding and then I would have to finish it with some sort of stain.  Also, she would be on it bare foot so it would have to be smooth.  So I decided to do some more research and parked the idea in the back of my head.

Fast forward to the Ikea trip we took last weekend.  The trip in which we not only got lost WITH the nav but also took a donut detour.  Good times.  So I am in Ikea in total sensory overload.  My brain just starts moving while I am there.  I always come home with tons of things that were not on my list.  Like a stage.

It's really a Coffee Table (linked here).  Or the top of it actually.  Clover doesn't do well with steps.  She has fallen off the front one more than a few times and is hesitant.  So I needed something that wasn't too high.  I was originally going to go with some 4x4's but the height of the top of the coffee table was only like 2 inches so she can run on and off of it fairly easily.  She has actually been on it all day today.

The legs and the middle part are still in my garage.  I can figure out something else for them later.  And if this one doesn't last I have the middle part to replace it.  I'm not sure what the finish is called but it wipes off any dirt and scuff marks sooo easy.  It's the same stuff that is on our office desks and Clover has colored all over those and back and it just wipes off with a baby wipe.  It's actually really sturdy.  Daddy was dancing on it today as well.  It went in plain white yesterday.  We added some embellishments today.

It says "You want the world...nothing less, all the glam & the press"  and the bottom part says "I want it all"  Along with some stars.  The letters are two inch letters cut out of hot pink vinyl in the Mickey Font on my cricut.  I use my circut for so many crafts other than scrapbooking.

The quotes comes from High School Musical 3.  Which is one of Clover's favorite movies.  It came on one time on the Disney Channel on day while it was raining and the TV was on in the background.  She watched it and was hooked.  I know it's a weird movie for a three year old to be into but Alice n Wonderland with Depp was on her favorites of all time list too.

Anyways, Sharpay is one of her favorite characters and she loves the song "I want it all" so I went with the lyric from that.  Putting on the letters was a bit tricky only because Clover had chocolate cake after dinner and was sugared up and wanted to play horsey while Mommy added the letters to her stage.

Note to self...Don't try to do things while child is sugared up.    

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