Friday, May 13, 2011

If Our Story Was a Fairytale

Part One.

Once Upon a Time…

All good stories begin with Once Upon a Time.  So Once Upon a Time and long long ago, like 1995 and stuff, there lived a skater dude who was really good with computers.  He was really outgoing.  He was very kind and everyone liked him.  He had hazel eyes and bleached tipped hair and a fake nose stud.

On the other side of town there lived a shy girl who always had her nose in a book.  She liked school even though it took her an hour to get there by bus.  She was tall with blue eyes and blonde streaks in her hair.  

And what may you ask would bring these two together?

High School.

They knew a lot of the same people.  Okay, it was a really small school and we all knew all the same people.  


Fate was destined to bring them together.  Well, it was either Fate or a camping trip.  I think it was the camping trip.  We will skip most of the details of that trip and come back to that story when you are older.  

Back to the story.  The boy gave the girl his phone number and the girl called him.  Or it could have been the other way around.  It's been while and my memory might be failing me.  So they started talking…A LOT.  Then one morning he boy was late for school and the girl was worried.  But shortly she saw the boy and he was bringing her a rose and asked her to be his girlfriend.  She quickly forgot out about being worried and said yes.    
Now each fairytale story usually has a villain or a monster.  This one not so much with the witches with pointy hats or dragons.  More like teenagers with too much time not their hands.  Some of them were not happy that the boy and the girl were together.  Other's just created drama for the fun of it.  You may understand a bit when you are older but just remember, High School is a lot like Wonderland.  Not much is what it seems.  

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